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Monday, August 24, 2009

a healthy little girl

Addison went for her ultrasound of her kidneys/bladder and for an x-ray dye test to check and see if her bladder infection was a result of a "bigger" issue. Everything looked GREAT. She's as healthy as can be...aside from the infection. She had to be on two rounds of antibiotics and they will have to cath. her again at her 15 mo. appointment in a couple of weeks to make sure the infection is completely gone. Evidently these can be difficult to clear up, but hopefully after it's gone she won't get another one.

The test was pitiful. I along with two other nurses had to hold her down for over 30 minutes. I hope I never have to do anything like that again. There is just something really awful about hearing your baby cry, having them look up at you, as if begging you to make it stop and not being able to do a thing for them. I was a mess! We are SO glad she is alright and hoping this is the last of the infections for this little sweetheart!


Courtney said...

so glad she's ok! praying she stays infection free now!!!

Katy said...

i'm glad it's over too!! these girls!!!

Judy said...

I was wondering how that went. They had to cath McKenna when she had the flu at two weeks old, but she wasn't old enough to even know what was going on. She didn't even cry, but I can't imagine going through that when their older. I'm sorry you have to do it again in a couple weeks. Praying she'll have peace during all of it. That's no fun for either of you!

Linda Williams said...

Oh I hate it that our little girl has to put up with all this! We girls have a hard time, don't we! But I did not expect that she would have to start so soon in her life! I also forgot to ask how her appointment went yesterday. Was her infection gone?


Vonda said...

Just catching up on blogs after being gone for a very long time! So glad Addison is feeling better! I know this must have been heart wrenching to have to hold her down for 30 minutes. Bless her heart and Mama's too!