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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Life Summer Camp

doesn't he look thrilled to see me! ha!

Harrison and his good buddy Joe from church..they were in the same cabin together

showing us how he got up on his bunk! it was quite the production to hoist himself up there. there were no ladders to help!

one of his camp counselors...Mr. Tyler...hardly looks like a "Mr"...he looked SO young! :)

Cody and his family were visiting for the weekend so they got to go with us to pick Harrison up. he and Jackson really enjoyed having Harrison show them around camp!

cutie little Canon

Harrison was able to attend New Life Summer Day Camp for a week this year. We had heard SO many incredible things about it from people at church that it was for sure a no-brainer about whether or not we should sign him up! He was gone from 9-4 each day and he LOVED every minute of camp life! I think he would live outside in a tent if we would let him! :) He can't wait 'till he can go and spend the night. A couple more years before he qualifies for that! :)

He had two camp counselors...both named Tyler...and spent his day learning about Jesus, swimming in the lake, fishing for "Big Mama", making crafts, games, putt putt, jumping off the high dive and doing the slide, playing in the woods, sleeping (resting) in a cabin, and eating at the snack shack (BIG hit by the way...he couldn't believe he could pick WHATEVER he wanted!!!! he picked Reese's peanut butter cups every single time!). i know there is SO much more but that's all i could think of right now! he learned new songs about Jesus that he hasn't stopped singing yet!

What a wonderful opportunity for him and so nice that the camp is only 15 minutes from where we live! Jackson can't hardly wait to be able to go next year! That sweet boy is ready to join his brother on some of these fun adventures! :)

On Friday night, we all went as a family to the camp to see the children sing their songs and watch video of the fun they had that week. Afterward we were able to get the grand tour of the camp, see his cabin, and order snacks from the "snack shack"! One funny thing that happened the night of pick up...well it's funny now but wasn't then...was while I was talking to Stacia (our music minister's wife and friend of mine) her daughter Ellie came up to tell us that Harrison had used the bathroom over by some trees. GREAT! When we talked to Harrison he seemed to feel like his actions were appropriate because we were in the woods. Good grief! That poor girl...good thing she has two older brothers! She didn't seem phased by it at all and Stacia was very gracious. We dealt with Harrison and reminded him that relieving himself in the woods is for emergencies...which he INSISTED was the case...and that when bathrooms are available we need to choose to use them! Oh these boys...what am I going to do with them! :)


Katy said...

maybe next year i can come stay with you for the week and we can RELAX while all our boys go to camp!! Just the girls could stay home and play - what do you think? :)

Transparent Mama said...

First, I love your header picture. Just as cute as can be. Second, my boys went to church camp for the first time this year and it was such food for their souls. God is good.

Sheila said...

So glad that Harrison had the blessing of going to summer camp this year and the story about the "emergency" outdoor bathroom break was Hilarious! Lol I never had boys.... see what I missed!
Love, Mom

Jen said...

What a cool place, and so nice that they can get used to it before the big "overnight" adjustment has to take place.

Linda Williams said...

Oh I cannot believe that our little Harrison is getting so big and mature and wanting to do all these fun things by himself! Now of course the "outdoor releiving himself" is not really what I am speaking of.....Oh well, a man has got to do what a man has to do....


Vonda said...

Oh I am laughing at what Harrison did! Oh my word...I know I shouldn't be laughing but it IS funny! So glad Harrison had such a great time at camp! YEA! I would love to see what Big Mama looks like!