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Thursday, August 27, 2009

he's almost home!!!!

Anthony has been in San Diego, CA this week on a business trip.

he left Sunday morning at 4:30am while i was still struggling with my stomach bug. Needless to say, Sunday was a rough day. tough to be sick with 3 kids to take care of AND then it's really easy to get even more bummed when you know your whole worship team and church family is worshiping together in a "rare only happens twice a year risers event" and you keep seeing Facebook updates about how incredible the service is and how awesome the sermon is and there you home...sick...alone (well not really alone...3 kids who still need to be taken care of and don't really know how to appreciate the fact that their mother is VERY less than 100%).

OK. that's depressing. are you feeling sorry for me yet??? OK. let's stop talking about it! :)

the good news is that we have officially SURVIVED!!! survived our time without him and anticipating some time with him this morning before he has to go back to work after lunch. poor guy is SO exhausted. and we even survived starting a week of home incredible change to our family's routine without having daddy here at night to let mommy take a nice bubble bath and soak my cares away.

seriously though. the homeschooling has actually kept the week fun and not been overwhelming as of yet. it's kept my mind busy and left me less time to wallow in my self pity of not having my man around!

the good news...the even better that Anthony was supposed to leave AGAIN on Friday for Alabama...after we only had him for one day...but that trip has been CANCELED!!!! WOO HOO!!!!

he is almost home for good. he'll be landing in about 15 minutes! we can't wait.... can any one else testify that having daddy around...your man at a GOOD THING!!!


Katy said...

i'll be anxious to hear if he actually slept on the red-eye...and if you got any quality time with him this morning or if he was zonked out from the flight!

Jen said...

Sounds like a successful week sans daddy - not easy to do at all. Enoy a Mocha to treat yourself!

Linda Williams said...

To a mother-in-law it just sounds wonderful that you missed him! What a disaster if you had not!


Its So Very Cheri said...

I hate it when my Man is gone.

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Vonda said...

I hate it when Ian is not around too! I better get used to it though because in 3 weeks he's gonna be going to training so you'll have to help me not to feel sorry for myself because I know it won't be easy.