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Friday, August 28, 2009

the best kind of pit-stop

meeting baby Caleb for the FIRST time!!!

isn't that the sweetest little face

Addison was excited to play with Callie again...she was walking this time so she could keep up a little better!

Harrison really enjoyed holding baby Caleb between games with his buddy Josiah

isn't he precious!!! and so contented! such a good baby boy!

Tutu - Katy's mom - was there and it was so fun to be able to spend some time getting to know her a little better. We've really only had the opportunity to say a quick hello in the past so this was a treat for me! I'm SO glad she was able to come and spend some time with the kids and meet little Caleb. i know Katy sure appreciated having her around!

there he is, holding Caleb again. :)

had to make it over to the pool!

Anthony had a business lunch in South Columbia and had taken the suitcases with him. the boys just wore their shorts to swim and Addison borrowed a swimsuit from Callie

Anthony quickly let me know that while holding Caleb was a lot of fun it didn't make him want to have another little one join our family. :)

the next morning, we all insisted that Katy sleep in a little bit. after Callie got dressed i asked her if it would be OK for me to do her hair. i LOVE playing with and styling little girl's hair! :) she was so sweet and agreed. here she is showing off her hair do. after we were done she said "no touch." :) so cute! love this little girl! and i can't wait for Addison to get some more hair!

Oh how we enjoyed being able to stop in on the Schrodt's again! I felt sort of bad when I asked Katy if we could put it on the calendar a month before Caleb arrived but she insisted that we could "pop" in. We tried to not be a burden and made sure we took care of dinner. I love, love, love holding these babies when they are little and knowing that we would practically be driving by their house on our way to Hilton Head...I just could not pass that up!

It was wonderful holding that precious baby boy and loving on him for about 24 hours. That's pretty much how long we stayed. We got there around 10:30am on Thursday and left at 12:00pm on Friday for our vacation. It was perfect! The boys just picked up where they left off which I love and Addison and Callie were a little bit more like playmates this time because Addison is walking and "playing" more. Anthony was able to get a little work in while David was at work and Karen, Katy & I just got to chat and enjoy that sweet baby boy! After dinner and all the kids were in bed, we were able to just sit and chat some more. Can you tell I loved every single minute of it? Time with my sweet friend and her precious baby was the best kind of pit-stop!


Janet said...

What a blessing that God gave you those 24 hours together with a precious friend! Beautiful pictures!

Courtney said...

i'm so jealous!!!

Sheila said...

What a fun time with Good Friends and such a blessing to get to hold the new addition to the Schrodt family!!!!!! They always say you know when your "Quiver" is FULL... I suppose Anthony knows! Ha! So glad they live close enough for you guys to visit back and forth!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

it WAS the best pit-stop - and one you're welcome to make ANYTIME!!! :) I was so glad you all got to come - we loved having you as always. And i'm totally stealing your pictures that you sent me because you got some great ones. i was in a fog apparently because i only have a few...

Jen said...

I know that was so fun for you. There's just something about your closest friend's babies. I know you were so excited to get your hands on him. Don't even get me started about doing hair - one day when Addison needs it done 2 or 3 times a day, we'll see how you feel about it!!!!

Judy said...

Looks like such a fun visit!!!

Could you email me that picture of Caleb, the one where he's looking straight at the camera?? I need to make Katy a new header that actually includes a picture of Caleb and that's a perfect picture. You really got so many good pictures of him!!

Linda Williams said...

I know you all had such fun! So glad you could all enjoy yourselves!


Q said...

Love love love the shabby blog site - thanks for the tip!! :) I wish she had more headers, but I'm going to see what I can do in fun to change it up!

Vonda said...

Oh Caleb is such a cutie patootie! What a little man! So glad you had the opportunity Beth to visit Katy! I know you always enjoy your time with your sweet friend.