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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Deeper Still Conference 2009 - Greensboro, NC

I had the privilege of attending the Deeper Still Conference in Greensboro July 31 & August 1st. WOW!!! AMAZING!!! When I heard it was going to be so close, I knew I HAD to go! Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, and Priscilla Shirer AND Travis Cottrell...all under one could you pass that up??? I knew I would be finished nursing Addison and it was perfect timing for a getaway with some friends from church.

I cannot even begin to express what a blessing that weekend was. God taught me SO much. There are things I took away from that weekend that have forever changed the way I look at trials, peace, the power and ability of MY God, and a deeper understanding of WHY I need to be in His word. Yes, we all know we should be reading the Bible and studying His word but all that was shared over the weekend took all of that to a much deeper level. I'm so thankful for all that He showed me and I've already been able to apply and share so much of it with some of the loved ones in my life that have been struggling this year.

Isn't it amazing how God uses the sermons and teachings that you hear each week to speak to you RIGHT where you that moment...specifically to your very need!!! It always seems to almost shock me. I don't know why! I should EXPECT He wants to speak and be ready for it but so often I am so pleasantly surprised and excited to be reminded once again of His love and care for ME...for my FAMILY...for my FRIENDS...and how He is there continuing to draw me closer to Him! I walked away with more love for my Lord and I'm hoping this year to see so much more of Him and to fall passionately in love with His word!

I have to give a shout out to Anthony for allowing me to go and watching ALL 3 kids ALL by himself for the I could get away and be refreshed! I know sometimes I think "well, I watch all 3 of them all the time, what's the big deal?" But, really, it is a big deal! It is so different for him to be alone with them without me. He does it SO well and is such a wonderful hands-on daddy but when I asked him how it went he was quick to tell me how happy he is that he doesn't have to do it alone often. :) Sometimes it's nice when that makes you appreciate each other as a couple more and the roles that you BOTH play to make your little family a success! I love my husband!


Katy said...

i'm SO glad you got to go Beth. it came at the EXACT right time for you, didn't it? So thankful when God does work those things out just for us! :)

Transparent Mama said...

Happy for you but secretly (well, now not so much) so jealous that you got to see Beth Moore live.

Sheila said...

Great time with LORD and GREAT HUSBAND! Love, Mom

Jen said...

I know that must have been an awesome experience. I would love to go to that someday. So thankful you were able to this year.

Janet said...

Such a wonderful experience!! Thanks for making it happen. Lessons learned will never be forgotten and what a blessing to share that weekend with you!

Linda Williams said...

So glad you got to go and get some spiritual food. We can never get enough, can we! And now to be able to witness first hand God's amazing answers to prayer is just absolutely wonderful! I am so thankful for those answered prayers. I am so glad that God showed me a long time ago that there is no "wasted" prayer. When we pray believing that all is possible with God, He WILL answer and we will almost be baffled by His goodness!


Vonda said...

Beth, thanks for already sharing some great nuggets you received from that great weekend! I can't wait to go this weekend...just wish you were going with me too. Remember Charlotte, NC? That was such a great time for you and your Mama and my Mom and I too. So glad God was so real to you at the Deeper Still Conference.