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Friday, March 6, 2009

friday at the pool

We spent the morning at the indoor kiddie pool at the YMCA. SO FUN! Jackson and Addison LOVE it. I'm trying to make it our 'Friday' thing. I am so thankful to Anthony that we can be members of the YMCA. It is such a blessing for our family! He doesn't get to go and have all the fun we do because he is working so much but the fact that he provides it for us means so much to me. I'm there Tuesday-Thursday running and then we try to hit the pool on Friday's. The staff is GREAT and I know my children are being loved on by childcare workers/life guards that truly enjoy working with children. What a blessing!

Here are a few pix from our trip to the pool last week with Mimi and Papa! The only bummer...Harrison was at school. :(

Kristine, Taylor, and Jack were able to play too.

Addison LOVED being in the pool!

not my best look! :) she loved playing with the water! I need a new suit BAD but don't want to buy one yet. mine looks ridiculous! got a little bit more to loose and then Land's I come! :)

Jackson had SO much fun jumping off the slide to Papa!

Isn't her suit CUTE! My mom got it for her!

Our family LOVES the pool! Can't wait 'till the outdoor and neighborhood pools open! I know we'll be in one of them possible every day of the week! :)


Heather said...

looks like you made it to the Patsy Aiken sale afterall:)! We'll be able to join you again after our last two co op's!!

Bridgette said...

How funny! We went to the Y pool today also! Great minds think alike; my kids love the pool too.:) And it's so great to burn some energy off when it's too cold to play outside!

Jen said...

Wow, that is the coolest kiddie pool. I would be there every week too. Can't wait to see more pics of you and squeeze you in person, but from what I can see you look great!

Laurel Conrod said...

That IS a really cool kiddie pool! Your kids are so cute...Addison is a sweetheart. The Y we go to (we've been so happy to have a place to swim during the winter months) only has a pool that is 4' deep, so the kids have been challenged to learn to swim!

Linda Williams said...

Halleluiah! I can READ all your stuff! I do not know the difference.....Same computers at the Computer Center but I CAN read all your comments! O happy day! I have missed hearing you "talk"!

Pictures are all great!

Mimi and Papa

Sheila said...

Addison looks so cute in her new swimsuit. That sounds like a perfect Friday for you and the kids! You need to familiarize Addison to the pool early so she can enjoy your neighborhood pool when the weather warms. I am so impressed with how well your boys do in the water. I bet it won't be long and Addison will be a little swimmer too! This is a Great activity for Jackson each week!

Vonda said...

Oh Jackson looks like he's having a ball and I LOVE Addison's swimsuit too. She already looks so comfortable in the water...that is awesome! Is Papa the coolest or what? Catching Jackson as he comes down the slide...I was Jackson's age when I used to come down the pool slide terrified but I knew Daddy was always there to catch me! Jackson doesn't look scared one bit!

Stephens Family News said...

So fun! Love Addison's cute suit!

dandsratz said...

Beth!! That is an indoor pool!!! We love to go to the Y indoor pool here, but we are getting jipped!! :) What a super fun place, and even better memories that you are building every Friday!!! :)