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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Expo

Well, here we are. The weekend I'd been training for since August 2008 had arrived! I couldn't believe it. I was nervous, excited, aggravated (about my fall and wondering how things would go with my knee), etc... So many emotions! At one point I remember telling Katy that I felt "out of place." This type of event...a race, a sporting event...I didn't feel like I belonged. I have NEVER belonged before. Although I knew in my mind I was ready I felt very unsure of myself. I can't explain it. It just felt weird. Here I was about to pick up my packet for my 1/2 Marathon!!! ahhh!!! What was I thinking???? :)

Here I am, checking in...

My Number!!!

Here we are watching the video of how to put on my timing chip. Jacob was all about the touch screen monitor. :)

Sweet Callie...and David. :) He's nice too.

Doesn't she look proud of her Mommy??? :)

Checking the timing chip to see if it does!

Picking up my bag to put all my goodies in

Trying on my shirt

the boys made signs

Harrison's sign (Lady and the Tramp theme) "Go Mom. Run like a Lady and a Tramp." I know he meant well. :) I LOVED IT! :)

Josiah made me a beautiful sign! He even drew me in a cute pink running outfit running on the street. GO!! BETH!!! very cool!

I liked this shirt! :)

I love these boys!

Trying out a muscle massage tool

Josiah said this is one of his favorite booths that the Expo. He's gotten to go to two now since his mom and dad have become runners! :)

my coach! :)

The Expo was a lot of fun. I started warming up to the idea that I was actually RUNNING the race the next day. I bought a "runner girl" magnet for my car. :) I've been wanting one of those for a while. Thought about buying a 13.1 magnet but figure I better FINISH the race first! :) Anthony was able to browse a bit. He and Chris are planning to run the Rock-n-Roll 1/2 in September. He's got the bug too now. :)

That night after we said goodbye to the Schrodt's we dropped Harrison and Jackson off at the skating rink to go home with Aunt Janet. They were SO excited to be spending the night with Grant and Emma. Austin came with us and we met Tom, Grace, & their girls, Mandi and Ashlynn, and Chris and Jessica for dinner at Felini's. We had never been but it was very yummy. I ate lots of pasta and bread like I was supposed too! :) We headed home and I got all my stuff laid out, got Addison in bed and headed to bed myself. I needed to make sure I got plenty of good sleep! :) Katy was set to pick me up at 5:15am...


Jonathan and Missy Wetherington said...

That was my favorite shirt at the expo too. I liked that one and the one that said "In my mind I am Kenyan" :)

Katy said...

it's so fun to look at all these pictures again - what a SUPER fun day! no more feeling out of place for you lady - you are a RUNNER!!!!

Vonda said...

Wow girl you look so OFFICIAL!!! I love how y'all took pictures of each step of picking up your number to the chip to the kids making signs...what an event!!!