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Friday, March 27, 2009

Business trip to Knoxville...well, for one of us.

Mommom got Harrison a cookie cake to celebrate his upcoming Birthday. He was THRILLED!

Party hats too!

Anthony had to work in Knoxville a couple of weeks ago (March 12-15). Whenever he has to get over there, we do everything we can to tag along so we can visit with my Grandmother...better known as Mommom. It was a GREAT visit with her. The kids look so forward to seeing her and she spoils them rotten while they are there. :) She knew Harrison's birthday was coming up the following week and she wanted to make sure he felt extra special. The day we left we had a little party to celebrate with a yummy cookie cake she picked up. Harrison was so excited! We sure love to celebrate in the Williams' family! You don't have to twist our arms! :)

I worried that if Anthony ever left Continental that we wouldn't be able to get over to see Mommom as often as we like to. God moved us to Raleigh so it became a much more manageable drive. THEN he directed Anthony to take a new job headquartered in Knoxville TN! Perfect! I love that both of my Grandmothers and I are still close, they are living, and also healthy! What a blessing for my children to have relationships with their Great-Grandmothers!!! We are very blessed!
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Heather said...

that truly is a blessing!

Katy said...

i'm with you - any excuse to party is a good one! :)

Vonda said...

Mommom looks like she's having a ball with her grandbabies! How precious that she would celebrate Harrison's birthday early! Grandmothers never forget these special times do they?