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Friday, March 27, 2009

California Pizza Kitchen

This sweet boy just melts my heart! I can't believe my little man is SEVEN!!!!

I love the look on Jackson's face. He LOVES his brother so much. He is always looking for ways to make Harrison happy and to make those around him feel special! Sometimes he uses too much force...but he means well and LOVES people!

Our good bud Aidan!

Addison loves being in a highchair! That means that food is on it's way! :) This girl LOVES to eat!

When Anthony is out of town, I'm always looking for things to do to make the week pass a little faster. :) We had gotten our coupon for a free birthday meal in the mail from California Pizza Kitchen and it was the perfect solution to a boring dinner at home! Andrea, Aidan, and Riley joined us and we had a great time. The Birthday Sundaes were the perfect ending to a yummy dinner!
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Heather said...

oh my word...SEVEN sounds so OLD!! i can't believe our 'babies' are growing up so fast! WOW!

Katy said...

why in the world am i NOT on that birthday mailing list...going to have to investigate....

Vonda said...

Yum yum...California Pizza Kitchen...sounds great and Harrison totally looks so grown up! And I LOVE the Kozy Pal cover Addison is sitting in...that was one of our best investments and I'm not kidding!