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Friday, March 27, 2009

Addison's new ride

Addison has a new favorite place to be when we're outside...her new car. My neighbor Kristine has one of these cute cars and I knew Addison would love having one of her own. Found one on Craig's List and now whenever we're outside she's riding in her little car. The boys love to push her and I think she'll be quite the dare devil. She's bound to be...they get her going quite fast and it doesn't scare her a bit. Scares me a little but not her, she likes to ride fast! :) We took her little car with us to the park a couple weeks ago and she loved it. It's much better than being in the stroller!
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Janet said...

She's a little doll, Beth!

Heather said... cute!

Jen said...

Anna could never get enough of her car - it is the perfect treat and she loves to sit in it even now that she can walk!

Katy said...

it's so cute - i love the new ride!

Vonda said...

Oh yes...she's gonna have a heavy foot like her Mimi...she's already working on that at such a young age! :) Oh Beth, I can't wait to see y'all...what a doll baby!