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Thursday, March 26, 2009

will blog again

i know it's been a while since i blogged.

i have a lot to catch up on. everyday life stuff, Harrison's birthday, my 1/2 Marathon (WHICH WAS GREAT!), the scariest moment of my life when Addison almost choked to death, my sprained knee, etc...

as you can see i've been a little busy around here!

maybe i can get some of my stuff up tonight while i prop up my knee and ice it.

just wanted to let you all know i'm still here and i'll be back soon :)

changed my photo at the top so you could see i DID finish and i DID get my medal and the whole experience was AWESOME!!! i can't wait to get it all posted! my goal time was 2:30:00 or less (signed up thinking i'd be finishing around 2:45:00) but actually finished FASTER than i anticipated! 2:24:56!!! 10:45 pace! WOO HOO!!!

i'll be back...


Anonymous said...

So glad you posted. I've been checking a few times a day! i am so excited for you!


Heather Marie

Courtney said...

AWESOME!!! sorry about your knee! was that from the race? or your fall last week?? man, lots going on!

Heather said...

i LOVE the new pic:)!!

Jen said...

We believed you, but the picture is great. Jessica told me about Addison - that is scary stuff. Looking forward to all the posts! Take care!