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Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Harrison!!!

Happy Birthday Harrison! I can't believe my little man is SEVEN YEARS OLD!!!
Friday, March 20th, we woke up and celebrated Harrison's birthday with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! The perfect way to start out the day! Harrison went to school until 2pm after which we picked him up to head to VA.

When I realized that race weekend would be the same weekend of Harrison birthday, I was excited that we would be with family to celebrate. I quickly came up with the idea to SURPRISE Harrison with a party! His cousins and some of his closest VA friends were happy to celebrate with us. We drove straight to Aunt Grace's and Uncle Tom's where Mammaw, Jon, Austin, Grant, Emma, Baylee, Savannah, Nanny, Granddaddy, David, Katy, Josiah, Jacob, Callie, Jen, Erin, Anna, Chris, Jessica, & Cody were set to party with us! It was GREAT! Harrison was very surprised and excited to see everyone...see for yourself below!

My big 7 year old!

I love seeing all these kids together!

Erin & Anna

Callie...gotta love that face!

Nanny made the cake! It was SO GOOD! She seriously has the best recipe and it was so special to have her make it. THANK YOU NANNY!

Here we are all singing Happy Birthday to Harrison and he is very clear about what his wish is...

Poor guys...Aunt Grace's house is ALL GIRL! The boys just have to make do! :) If she ever has a boy I don't know what she'll do with all that pink! :)

Aunt Grace really hit it big with her gift. Harrison is STILL in love with Toy Story. She got him Buzz Lightyear Jammies and arrived from the UPS man minutes before he opened presents. She was so tickled they go there in time. After he had opened all his gifts...he got some really cool stuff...he disappeared and before we knew it there he was sporting his new jammies! You know it's a hit when they drop everything to put it on right away! He played the rest of the night in his Buzz Lightyear Jammies! :)

It was a wonderful time celebrating our big boy with family and friends! Thank you Grace and Tom for opening up your home for the party! We appreciated it SO much!


Jen said...

Looks like he had lots of celebrations - I'm thankful we got to be a part of his big day. It was so much fun!

Katy said...

we LOVED getting to be in on the surprise...because heaven knows we'll NEVER be able to throw a surprise party for our oldest child - he'd never survive it!

Vonda said...

Okay I am totally bummed that we could not be there...that look on his face was priceless! I think Harrison was kinda taken back huh? And I love the Happy Birthday song too and him blowing out his candles and announcing his wish. That pix with Emma helping him blow out the candles is precious!

Linda Williams said...

That cake was beautiful! I know it must have been delicious cuz Nanny has never made anything that was not!

So glad Harrison could have a great birthday with family......

It won't be long til the Flo-di-ya trip! We cannot wait!

Mimi and Papa