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Friday, December 12, 2008

making memories

me and my sweet baby girl!

checking out the tree

Jackson loves this baby girl, sometimes a little too much. If she's in the room, chances are he's got his hands on her or is right by her side.

she's got the best smile! I enjoyed dressing her up in all her Christmas outfits. I tried to have her wear them over and over so she could get the most use out of them. After Christmas, I was washing them and setting them aside and it was kind of sad. Her first Christmas has passed by already! She won't wear these precious clothes again and there probably won't be a baby sister to pass them on to. I had a little moment in the laundry room. :)

I like pulling his hair and bothering him for a change!

loving her Papa!

Harrison's best bud at school, Donovan

I was able to go and help with the 1st grade Christmas party at Harrison's school. They had a lot of fun moving to the different stations to make their snacks and crafts. He made some Reindeer food that we saved for Christmas Eve and sprinkled on the lawn, a marshmallow pretzel snowflake and a ginger bread house out of a milk carton. It was a fun day and I loved being able to be there with him!

snapping beans with Mimi!

The boys really got into all the fun this year. Each year seems to be even more fun as they remember our little traditions. Mimi has lots of Santa hats to go around and Harrison loved making sure everyone had on on for all our celebrations!

Mimi and Papa are so wonderful about coming in to celebrate Christmas with us "before" Christmas. They've gone to Germany the last 4 years so we've had to celebrate a little earlier in the month. However, they always make it feel just like Christmas for the kids. They come in plenty of days ahead so Mom and I can cook and take our time with all the preparations. Harrison loves Papa taking him to school in the mornings and Jackson gets excited about his adventures to the mall and "chick-a-lay". What special memories we are making as a family and with these precious children. I have to say, this was one of my most favorite years with our children. Our family feels even more complete now that Addison is here and it's fun to see the boys remembering our traditions and getting excited about the special things we do as a family.


Heather said...

so you have to do a post on all your traditions:)!! i'm so glad our families were able to hang out together this Christmas season! and yes..sweet Addison has SUCH a sweet smile.

Stephens Family News said...

Love the pictures! I am especially fond of the 2 pics with Jackson and Addison...she has such an expressive face!! These pics make me laugh because I have 2 older brothers and was the only girl in my family. :o)

Vonda said...

Okay that word "PROBABLY" about having another girl got my attention real quick...we would be great with 2 nieces. ;) Hee hee! I love all of your pics, Beth!

One of my favorites is Jackson & Addison looking at the tree with their backs towards the camera and Harrison made reindeer food. Wow we just used to leave cookies out for mean the reindeer even want snacks now too. Wow! By the way Ella Rose just saw the pix of Harrison and she screamed, "Hairson" That's how she pronouces it. :)

And the pics of Mimi and Papa with the kids are great! I know they enjoy their grandchildren so much and we are so blessed that they take so much time to enjoy them and love on them. So glad y'all made so many sweet memories over Christmas!

Janet said...

These are such wonderful pictures!!! I absolutely LOVE the one of Addison under the tree (2nd pic). It does get better every year!!!

Sheila said...

I LOVE ALL the pictures! The one with Addison in her pink dress at the top of the page is so adorable!
Christmas is sooooooooo much fun...
Love, Mom

Linda Williams said...

This blog just makes us get to enjoy the Christmas Season again!

We did have such fun!

Just cannot wait til April to get all 5 TOGETHER!

Mimi and Papa

Jen said...

Somehow I've missed these posts before. It was a wonderful Christmas season. I feel the same way about the girls little Christmas dresses and outfits. It's hard to feel you got enough wear out of them. I hope to have another niece soon to pass them down to or I guess another little girl of my own!