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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gingerbread House and presents from Mommom

We enjoyed working on our Gingerbread House this year. While the icing set up, we let the boys open some presents that had come in the mail from Mommom. She always wants them to be able to open their presents right away. She says they'll have plenty to open on Christmas so why should they have to wait for hers??? :) Of course, the boys are fine with that.

Harrison's favorite thing from Mommom was a little music mp3 player. It's nothing real fancy, just holds few songs but he loves it! Anthony downloaded some of his songs from church and he just sings at the top of his lungs with his earphones in! Hilariously cute! :) I think we have another singer on our hands!

Jackson got a fun new ball and they each got some clothes. THANK YOU MOMMOM!!! You're the BEST!

This year I tried to remain more hands off on the decorating of the Gingerbread House. The boys did most of it. They ate a lot of the candy too! That's the best part, right??? :) It's one of those fun little traditions we started last year and we love it!


Tucker Family said...

Gingerbread houses look so fun to make- sure am excited to try that with Noah next year! :)

Andy and Jen said...

Could Harrison look any more like his daddy?!

Vonda said...

Wow I'm impressed with the gingerbread house...okay this is kinda like the pumpkin ask Anthony...we never made a gingerbread house! Now I know Mama will be reading this so no we don't feel deprived but how cool are gingerbread houses!!! :) And I don't blame the boys one bit for eating the candy as they worked on the house. What fun! I too can't wait to start that tradition with the girls! Hmmm...Ella Rose will LOVE the candy!

Katy said...

Ah ha! So you get it from your Mommom - the inability to WAIT To open presents! Now i know!! :)