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Thursday, December 4, 2008

friends from out west

Bridgette with her nephew will and her sweet daughter Emme

Bridgette and Chad's little man, Levi


the last time I saw Bridgette I was pregnant with my third baby, Addison, and had just found out. Bridgette is now pregnant with her third and it's a baby girl. She is due in the Spring.

Chad and Jackson sharing pretzels


Greta, Natalie's daugher, tried on some boots that were Savannah's. She modeled them for us! ;)

It was a GREAT time catching up with life long friends. Jackson really took to Emme. He decided he wanted her to be one of his girlfriends...he has a few from church. I say that is quite an honor being as he had only just met her. :) Chad went with Anthony and Harrison to their Upward Basketball practice. Anthony is helping to coach and Chad is going to be coaching a team this year. GREAT PROGRAM by the way! We had pizza and the girls and kids hung out while the guys were gone. It was a wonderful time with good friends. Chad and Bridgette used to double date with us at LU and we were brother/sister dorms. Bridgette was also my roommate. A lot of fun times and memories we have together. Hopefully, one day, we'll make it out west to see them again! We appreciate you sharing them with us a little bit, Natalie! Thanks for visiting y'all. I guess we'll have to come to Charlotte to see y'all next time you're out here!


Katy said...

i didn't know bridgette is expecting a girl!!! how exciting! i know it was great getting together again with them. and on a selfish note i LOVED seeing your living room ready for christmas! beautiful! (and i like the tree in the new position this year!)

Linda Williams said...

It was wonderful seeing Bridgette and Chad and their beautiful family! I know you all had such a good time!

Mimi and Papa

Jen said...

I know that was a fun visit. It's always so fun to catch up with lifelong friends. I didn't know she was pregnant again - very cool.

Phil, Gretch, and Finn said...

I love the pictures, Beth! Great ones of the kids!

Vonda said...

Wow Bridgette looks as beautiful as ever! And my goodness her 2 youngin's look just like her husband...I'm sure y'all had such a great time seeing them again. I still remember their beautiful wedding.

Bridgette said...

Such nice comments Beth! It was so great to catch up with you both and see your beautiful family! Definitely not enough time in one evening though. :) Yes, plan on coming to Charlotte next time we come through; or better yet, why not just stop by Boise??:P