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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Morning - Happy Birthday Jesus!

So, I don't have any pictures from the kids opening up their gifts on Christmas morning. I have it ALL on video but I found it difficult to take pictures and video at the same time...well, actually impossible because I didn't get one still shot! :) Oh well, we have the whole thing on video and that is probably more important anyway!

We kept thinking the kids would wake up early but they didn't. We finally went up to get them at 7am because we were gonna be leaving for VA around noon and knew we needed to get things started if that was gonna happen! Anthony went up and got the kids while I set up the video camera. They were SO excited to see that Santa had come! He brought them both exactly what they wanted...Harrison got his Wii and Jackson got his Yellow Robot. We went and visited Santa a few times and each time they would tell him what they wanted. Jackson kept adding to the list but Santa only brings one gift in our house. :) I have an adorable picture of all three of the kids with Santa but it's a hard copy and I don't have a scanner. I guess it won't be getting up on the blog this year! :)

After they had looked at their gift and then sorted through all the stocking gifts Santa brought...Santa brings all the Stocking gifts too (they got books, new bowls and cups, candy, etc...) we moved on to the gifts from us to the kids and gifts from Aunt Vonda & Uncle Ian. They had a ball. I feel like the kids get to open things almost all of December because we always do Christmas early with Anthony's parents, Mommom's presents come early, then we have our own Christmas celebration and when we get to VA they have even more things to open from their Mamaw and Papaw and Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. What a GREAT time these kids have! :)

Harrison playing the Wii. He LOVES it and we ALL love it too! It's SO much fun!!!

Jackson checking out the Cash Register from Uncle Ian and Aunt Vonda and his scooter too.

After we had opened presents and played for a while, I made cinnamon rolls and we lit the candle to sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. The kids loves this and it's our little breakfast tradition. I probably would make a big breakfast if we weren't traveling on Christmas day. We have left midday the last 3 years and headed up to VA to spend a few days with my family. It works for us now. We may not leave on Christmas Day in the future, we'll just have to see. There is something really nice about not having to leave and enjoying the whole day at home. Right now, leaving has worked and we'll see what next year holds. :)

on our way to VA!

opening presents with Mamaw and Papaw.

I was a little bummed on Christmas because Janet and Grace's families had to leave Mom's before we got to VA. We didn't see Grace's family on Christmas but the next day. We were staying with my mom so we saw Janet, Jon, and the kids that night. It was nice to have a few days with them. Harrison and Jackson LOVE their cousins and enjoy every moment they have with them. I love seeing them have so much fun with their cousins! Anthony and I went to a late movie on Christmas night with Chris and Jessica, we spent some time with the Schrodt's over the weekend, I got to run 7 miles with Katy on Saturday. All in all, it was a wonderful trip and we had a very blessed Christmas!!! Looking forward to next year already! :)


Linda Williams said...

I looks like the Raleigh Williams family had a wonderful Christmas!

Mom and Dad W

Janet said...

What special pictures! I LOVE the idea of putting a candle in the cinnamon rolls and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus! I learn SO MUCH from you!