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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas for Daddy and The Polar Express

Anthony is very clear about the fact that he does NOT want presents. I don't know why he's so against them but he just is so generous to us and always sacrificing for himself. I'm not very good at following the rules so I usually have to get him something...little!!! I just can't do it! I have to give him something and the kids need to be able to give their daddy something! :)

His tradition that he loves each year is watching The Polar Express with the kids. We always do this on December 23 and we make homemade pizza. It's a fun night for our family and the boys look forward to it. Since one of the other things he loves to do with the boys is eat popcorn I though it appropriate to find him a set of popcorn bowls for his Christmas from the kids. They were pretty good at keeping the secret although Jackson did tell him he was getting popcorn for Christmas. I think if he had only know how to explain things a little better he would have blown the surprise! :) He is GREAT at acting excited and getting the boys in the fun! After he opened his gift, they were able to watch The Polar Express with the new popcorn set! VERY fun! :) He was glad I didn't listen.
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Jen said...

If I ever knew a family that loved popcorn - it's yours. So this seems like a perfectly appropriate gift! We LOVE the Polar Express too!

Vonda said...

Wow what a great present!!! And Anthony sounds so much like Daddy. He never wanted anything either but he always got ties or socks. :) I love all your traditions, Beth! And I've never seen Polar Express, but I'm sure that will be one that we'll be watching soon! I still remember watching Cars for the first time with Harrison...remember???