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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Meal

I decided to do appetizer's this year for our Christmas Eve meal. It was perfect and VERY yummy! I think we'll continue that for years to come. My Nanny always did appetizer's on Christmas Eve and it made it feel special to do it for my family. After we ate we headed over the church for the Christmas Eve Love Feast. We always go to the 6pm service because of the children. They serve sticky buns and cider and it's just a very fun atmosphere. There are always TONS of kids there and it's actually quite loud!! ha! This is the second year I've been able to sing at the service and I just love being a part of it. Lots of beautiful music and singing of Christmas Carols really just sets that Christmas Eve mood.

At the very end, we all light candles and sing Silent Night. We allowed Harrison to hold his own but Jackson is not quite mature enough to handle that kind of responsibility. I would HATE to send some poor woman home with burnt hair on Christmas Eve just because she happened to be sitting in front of my active three year old!!! :) He did manage to burn his own nose which was quite hilarious. He was insisting on holding the candle and getting quite loud about it..."GIVE IT TO ME, GIVE IT TO ME!!!" Of course, Anthony was holding strong. Jackson managed to pull the candle toward his face and burnt the tip of his nose. He yelled "OOWW!!" and we got a little laugh out of it, as well as the whole row behind us! Jackson sure makes everything a lot more fun and interesting! :) The boys were excited to get on our way home so we could read the Christmas story and set out our cookies and milk for Santa!!!
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Janet said...

I love the appetizer idea for Christmas Eve! I know we did that growing up as we were busy with church and who wants to cook that night? Your way of doing appetizers looks like a yummy feast! :)

Heather said...

I TRIED to do that for Christmas this year....:)
For Christmas Eve we always have crab and Italian!!

Vonda said...

Girl you outdid yourself with the appetizers...oh my word...I thought you were going to have 2-3 but you have a table full.

I know your Christmas solo must have been beautiful too! I am so proud of you, Beth. You have the voice of an angel and I can't wait to come back and hear you sing at Providence when we're able to come into town.

Linda Williams said...

What a sweet picture of Harrison (I guess) praying over all this beautiful food!

Mimi and Papa