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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas with Mimi & Papa

she's gonna LOVE her brothers! :)

Harrison has started to hold her while standing when he has our permission. He LOVES this and feels like such a big boy!

so sweet!!!

I love this boy!

and I love this boy, too! :)

and I love our little family....well, OK, big to some people but doesn't seem too big to me! ;)

doesn't the food look so yummy! thanks Mimi!!!

first taste of sweet potatoes...

I like it Mom! I think I would like Mimi's sweet potato souffle even better though! :)

Mimi & Papa love getting the same thing every the point that they have told us to get them the same thing every year! :) It's a photo Calendar. I love making it and work hard to get as many pictures as possible in there because I know they love pictures so much. Hope you enjoy your new calendar Mimi & Papa! :)

Harrison was very excited about his gift from Mimi...the Disney Scene It Game and he LOVED his marble run from Papa. You will notice in most of these pictures Anthony putting the marble run together. It took him a day and a half! :) It's very fun though and was well worth the wait.

Jackson LOVED his Castle from Papa. He had asked for this specifically. When he opened it he said (in his adorable Jackson voice) "dis just a me want! dis JUST a me want!!!" He was so excited! :) Mimi gave him some new school stuff to do with Mommy and we've been enjoying those new things!

Hey Mimi! Thanks for the FABULOUS lunch! ;)

Papa and Harrison playing the new Disney Scene It Game. They were so hilarious to watch...Papa and all his antics! :)

Jackson and Mommy building together

Anthony...still working on the Marble Run

Look at this sweet girl! :)

some silly teeth Mimi gave Harrison

there's Anthony... :)

checking out all the new toys...and Anthony still working

Sunday morning before Church

my three precious children! oh how I love these babies of ours!

they sure do love their Mimi & Papa!

and it's finally finished...and very cool too!

don't you just love those reindeer feet??? :) she loved grabbing them and trying to eat them. it sure was fun dressing her up this Christmas! :)

We had a wonderful time with Mimi & Papa! What great memories we made!


The Peoples Family said...

Hey Beth I noticed the boys in their Bomber jackets from Ian and Vonda last year-how sweet. Your kiddos are growing up so fast. I can't wait to see your families and Vonda's family pictures of the favorite decorated houses.

Linda Williams said...

Didn't we have a wonderful time! Every picture is priceless! I still remember how much Anthony labored on that marble thing! (That is the true test of a good Santa!)

Mimi and Papa

Vonda said...

Oh Beth, these pictures are so good! I felt like I was kinda there by being able to see all the pics. Okay Anthony working on the marble toy cracked me up...bless his heart! The pix of Mimi and Papa with the kids in front of the door is AWESOME...looks professional and EVERYONE is looking at the camera. Wow!

And you just warn the boys about playing games with Papa...he's a fireball and he plays to WIN!!! I was 3 years old and played Mouse Trap with my Daddy and he would beat me every time...and hey everyone wonders why I'm so doggone competitive today??? Hee hee! The food looked yummy, and I'm so glad y'all had such a great early Christmas...I'm counting down the days...we're gonna be able to celebrate with y'all next year...YIPPEE!!!

Natalie said...

What great Christmas memories! I love your pictures. The kids are gorgeous:)

Courtney said...

you really captured some great moments!!! how's running? :-)

Jen said...

What a wonderful Christmas it was. I love Jackson's expressions. I'll have to check out that Disney game, sounds like a lot of fun. I know there's nothing Mimi loves more than pictures of her babies.