Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

two of my favorites...

are these not two of the most adorable pictures?!?! what a sweet moment captured forever of Addison and her Papa! i'm gonna have to find a place to frame them.


Jen said...

I looked at all the posts, but as you know time is short and I can't comment on all of them - so here goes a shortened version!

Looks like Florida was amazing, makes me want to go spend a week with Mimi and Papa - you guys have so many fun traditions with them.
Love all the girls outfits, noticed the red dress you bought at O.N. looks adorable on Addison.
And I love the pics of Addison with Papa. Anna has become quite the grandpa's girl and loves snuggling with both her grandpas and it melts my heart as well as theirs!

Glad to "see" you guys again and Erin misses the boys, talks about them all the time and Joe wants to plan our next trip down! Think we'll wait til Megan sleeps better though for all our sakes!

Vonda said... sweet! And do ya think she has Papa wrapped around her little tan olive skin finger? You notice they both have the same coloring.