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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas in Fl part 4 - more pictures

so sweet!

looks like Addison is trying to lick Mimi's nose. hum...

these next three pictures crack me up. the girls and soon to follow Jackson are trying to tickle Mimi. notice Addison. not into all the commotion going on around her. just sits on Mimi's lap and ignores the chaos. she was tired! hilarious!

all snuggled up in his snuggie

on Sunday the boys got to help in Mimi & Papa's 4yr old class. they LOVE this. the prepared songs to sing and just feel like they are BIG stuff being the grandchildren and given so much helping responsibility.

Vonda got the girls these adorable matching Christmas outfits! don't they just look adorable!

Addison wanted this bench to herself and kept pushing everyone near her. little stinker!

a rocker all her own!

Papa took us to dinner at Johnny Rocket's! what a treat! and then we went over to the Square for some dancing. actually, it's more like mad running around like crazy but all the residents get a huge kick out of the kids! :)

reading books with Mimi

Addison and Carolina Grace reading together! love it!

Anthony and his mommy

showing off her tricks for Papa

LOVE those cheek and lips! kiss 'em all day long! :)

We sure enjoyed our time at Mimi and Papa's! Hope we can go and visit again soon!


The Stiners said...

I think one of the funniest pictures is the one of the church parking lot - all of the golf carts are hilarious!!!

Katy said...

the outfits of the girls is just plain adorable!!! and i don't remember, but was ella rose's hair ever that red as carolina grace's hair is? it is SOOO cute!!!

Linda Williams said...

Now...I cannot believe you did not show the picture of the singer on the square that Papa calls "Schrodt". Didn't we have a great time! But of course, when we left, it probably was time we left! Ha. You remember how I was chasing Jackson to get him off the dance floor and he shot right beween a man and woman dancing! Ha!


Vonda said...

What a blast! We had such a great time with y'all! What a blessing to have such great family to spend an early Christmas with! The girls had a ball! And I hope the girls won't mind too much when they're teenagers when we get them matching outfits. Hee hee! Okay so at least matching bows...hmmm...that won't go over well either...Ella Rose doesn't even like the bows now. Ha!