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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas in FL part 3 - Christmas dinner and presents

After the girls were up from their naps, it was time to eat! Mimi had prepared a feast and we could not wait to dig in. One little tradition we have is exchanging ornaments between the children. We decided to let the kids open their ornaments while we were finishing up getting things on the table.

we gave Ella Rose some ballerina slippers because she just started a ballet class a few months ago.

we gave Carolina Grace an ice cream ornament. she loves ice cream and even calls the "mush" in good night moon "ice cream"!

They gave Harrison a little boy at the beach...perfect for him...with his name on it.

Jackson got a boy playing soccer with his name on it. He played soccer for the first time this year so it was perfect for him as well! Addison got a 'make you're own hand print' ornament!

ok, we're ready to eat Mimi!

finished with lunch and waiting as patiently as two boys can... photos are hilarious. and we keep trying...

i'm not sure what i'm doing?! but Addison is opening up one of her presents. she got some pots and pans!

Jackson was so quick and running around so much we hardly have any pictures of his face!

can you tell she was having a good time? she was BEYOND excited and having the time of her life! i think she would have opened every present in the room and never tired! :)

more toy story stuff...just what he wanted!

Vonda got the boys snuggies and they are toy story too. they have been a huge hit! it's hilarious when they bring them to me and hold out their arms ready for me to slip it on!

Mimi and Papa got the present they were hoping for. Another Calendar! We started giving these a few years ago to Mimi & Papa, my parents, and my grandparents and I'm not kidding...every year they make sure to let us know in no uncertain words what they want for Christmas....another calendar! We don't mind though. We're glad they love it so much and I really enjoying picking out the pictures from the year and making them.

getting tired again...

this is Addison's "cheese" face

we sure had a ball watching all the kids open presents. we got the girls some play food and they had so much fun checking it all out!


Katy said...

i'm with carolina grace - everything "mush" should really be ice cream! :)

Vonda said...

This was the best Christmas by far with all the kids together but then of course we haven't been around for Christmas since Harrison was about 2 so having all the kids at this age was so FUN!!! The excitement was awesome! Love all the pictures...okay I've now got to post Christmas pictures so I won't be any further behind too.