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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas in FL part 1 - arrival and Anthony's early b-day celebration

the kids were super excited to be going on an airplane to see Mimi & Papa in "Flordiya"! as you can see below, Jackson was running as fast as he could once we got off that plane and he spotted Mimi waiting for us.

We hadn't had dinner so we went straight to Cracker Barrel. The kid's favorite stop once we get into FL. :)

The next morning we got up and played and waited in anticipation for Vonda and the girls to arrive from Tampa! It was cold and rainy most of our time in FL so we played inside a lot more this time.

the girls got right to playing!

That night we all went to Golden Corral to celebrate an early Birthday for Anthony. Of course, it's the kid's favorite place to go. Unlimited food and dessert! If I was a kid I'm sure it would be my favorite too. :)

they even sang to Anthony!

Mimi and Papa had spiderman masks to wear for our cake and singing Happy Birthday to Anthony.

Mimi made Anthony's favorite...Coca Cola was yummy and it was fun to all be together again!

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Linda Williams said...

That was so funny! Mimi, Papa and all the kids were in our bedroom getting out spider-man masks on when Jackson broke loose and told his Daddy exactly what our plans were! Of course, Harrison was broken hearted that our "surprise" was spoiled. So funny!

Love, Mimi