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Saturday, December 12, 2009

we love it when...

....Nanny and Granddaddy come to town! They drove down for the Christmas program at our church. I was singing and I have very supportive Grandparents! :) Our time with them is always so much fun and relaxing. We went straight to the mall for pictures with Santa and lunch at the food court and then headed home to take it easy. We had lots of yummy food...Nanny taught me how to make her incredible bread...and we played dominos. I love my grandparents and feel so blessed that my children know and love them like they do.

Nanny made a Snowman cake for the boys

It was Anthony's birthday while they were here and we celebrated with Birthday doughnuts!

Our tire was having some trouble and Granddaddy was teaching Harrison how to look for a leak. You can learn a lot from Granddaddy!

The boys putting on a conert

Addison with her babies..."buppy" and Miss Piggy

Nanny bought Jackson this black bear for Christmas and he LOVES that thing. He named him "hockey bear". not really sure why. :)

I don't really like to show off my glasses but we realized as they were getting ready to leave we hadn't taken a picture together. I sure do love my Nanny! and my Granddaddy too!


Katy said...

i forgot to say on the last one that i loved your christmas tree cake. and nanny's snowman cake was just such a great idea. i'm so glad they were able to come and see the concert and your sweet family!

Janet said...

What precious memories you made this past month. And I needed to know NOT to look at this post when I'm hungry. Oh my.....those goodies just look TOO yummy.

Courtney said...

LOVE the snowman donuts! and addison's outfit it so cute!

Linda Williams said...

I know I sound like a broken record.....but these times with your grandparents are so special and precious! You will love the fact that you have this account of their visit many years down the road. Life flies by.....enjoy every moment!

Mimi and Papa