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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

roll with it baby

Addison loves her bed. I've been wanting to post a video of her in her bed rolling around. It's so cute! In the first video she just wanted to talk. :) The next video shows her doing some of her tricks and then going off to sleep. This girl is SO much fun!!!


Heather said...

SO cute! This is REALLY making me wish I blogged when Cailey was a baby:)

Vonda said...

Oh to be that flexible! Addison is absolutely adorable rolling all over the place. And then she gets all settled down on her tummy and wants to go to precious is that!!! Isn't is great having a baby who loves her own bed!!!

I love how she tucks her arms under her body too...Carolina Grace and Ella Rose do the same thing with their little arms.

And the video with her talking is priceless. Oh we can't wait to meet your Princess. She is absolutely the most beautiful thing and we are counting down the days til we can hold her and give her lots of hugs and kisses. I am gonna have a real attitude if she is 1 before we meet her, but we won't think like that...we're surely gonna be back by then.

The Peoples Family said...

Anthony and Beth:

She is SOOO adorable. I love how she is sucking on those 2 fingers. She looks more and more like Harrison.


sarah said...

Oh so sweet! I love all the grins, what a cutie!

Amy P said...

Hi Beth!
I'm Grace's friend, and I just read a big chunk of your blog. Love it! You are great at blogging and I feel like I know you =) Congrats on the running, you are doing really great. The next time you come up to Va we should run a race. Great pics too!