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Friday, November 21, 2008

Fall Party and Caramel Apples

We had a really fun Fall Party in Harrison's class. Tonya and I organized a Caramel Apple assembly line for the kids and they had a BALL!!!

We dipped the apples in Caramel and then at each table the kids had lots of toppings to choose from to put on their apples...Oreos, sprinkles, m&m's, etc... YUM YUM!!!

I found that I really enjoy an Oreo/Carmel dipped apple! :) It was great to be able to spend this time with Harrison in his class and make memories with him. I worried the whole night before, and most of the week before, about the logistics of everything and worried about scorched caramel, etc... It turned out wonderfully and was a great success and most of all the kids had a blast!


Janet said...

Wow! Those look so delicious! Shouldn't have looked at your blog before lunch. Might have to go to the store! I NEVER thought to put crunched oreos and sprinkles on a caramel apple. Good job organizing that, Beth. Truly the kids are now saying: "Harrison, you have the coolest Mom!"

Katy said...

ooooh - that looks so yummy! it was a great idea!!!

Linda Williams said...

I am so proud of you for being involved in Harrison's class! I know he was so proud of his Mom!

Mimi and Papa

Jen said...

Glad it went off without a hitch - those apples do look mighty yummy!

Vonda said...

Now that's a fancy caramel apple...never heard of putting oreos on as a topping.

Beth, it's so great that you help out in Harrison's class. I remember Mom being Room Mother for me when I was in school, and I loved it!