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Monday, November 24, 2008

a pop in visit

Mimi and Papa came in for a quick visit - one day - the Monday before Thanksgiving. It was very short but we enjoyed our time with them. We ordered a meal from Lowes Foods for our "Thanksgiving" meal. We knew we would not have time to cook all the yummy food we would want with only having one day to prepare. SO, Mom has already been told to prepare herself for a lot of cooking at Christmas! :) (I don't know what the deal is with this being underlined. I can't seem to fix it)

Here are some pictures from our day...

Addison has found faces, hair, and ears. She loves to try to grab them and sometimes it can hurt! :) She is so sweet!

I think she is wondering why her bath has become such an event for Mimi to get up on a chair above her to get this picture! Everything is an event in the Williams Family!

He loves to jump over her. Poor thing!

oh how i love this boy! he truly is so sweet. he is a TON of work these days and sometimes i feel like i'm failing him. i just LOVE this picture!

ready to go to..."Papa, starbuck here we come, chick a lay here we come!" he LOVES his adventures with Papa!

Addison is really enjoying her jumparoo and exersaucer lately, and everything goes int he mouth! look at those little feet!

she loves her papa too! she has to soak it up, there isn't a lot of time to sit with him, her brothers keep him busy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving, Mimi and Papa always let the kids open something to get the Christmas excitement and celebrating started. Addison was excited about this!

"Baby's First Christmas" ornament from Frankenmueth

Jackson got a Thomas DVD. He was very excited. He said, "Taylor have Thomas too!" :)

Harrison got a cool "I SPY" game. Very fun!

Aunt Vonda and Uncle Ian sent a few surprises from Germany for the kids too. Addison got some adorable Christmas jammies, a Thanksgiving Bib, and an Ornament from Germany! THANK YOU AUNT VONDA and UNCLE IAN!!!

The boys loved their ornamnets too. Sadly, Jackson played with his a little too much the next day and broke the feet off. It still works but I was a little annoyed! Life with a 3 year old, what can you do??? :)

"Ooooo, this is pretty, can I touch it!?!?"

don't I look cute in my sleeper Aunt Vonda???

Cereal time

this boys LOVES to dress up. he was in the most of the night and as soon as he woke up the next day!


Janet said...

I must admit....I have a thing for little Jackson too! His voice and how excited he gets over everything is just so stinking cute! And presents at Thanksgiving -- we might need to start that tradition!

Courtney said...

that close-up of jackson is SO SO cute!

Katy said...

that is my favorite favorite favorite picture of jackson!!!! love that boy!!!

Vonda said...

So glad to see the boys and Addison opening up their Christmas ornaments from Germany! Wish we could be there but this blog is the next best thing. Just think next year we will be home!!! YEA! And we'll be part of all the celebrating too! We can't wait to join y'all again!

Linda Williams said...

Oh we did have such a great time! And I am already planning my appetite for early Christmas in NC. We are almost ready to pack all the gifts up and head up....I will need to be real careful where I store them though....You remember what happened the 1st year you were in Raleigh? Harrison found the suitcase that had the gift bags and he opened EVERYTHING! Ha Ha!

Mimi and Papa

Jen said...

What a special visit, so glad they got to pop up to see you all!