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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cereal for Addison

"I like this chair mom!!!"

"what are you doing mom? is this ok???"

"not sure what I think about cereal mom. i didn't hate it but i didn't love it either."

"maybe i'll try it again tomorrow. i love you mom!"

"now, eating my toes...i really do like that!" :)

Addison had cereal for the first time on Friday night, November 7, 2008. She didn't scream or cry but she wasn't sure what to do. She doesn't understand opening her mouth for it and most of it comes out. The average first foods story. :) She's trying though. Can't believe she is already old enough for cereal!!! 5 1/2 months already!!! Where is the time going????


Vonda said...

I'm not first I thought you had posted a picture of Harrison when he was a baby. Unbelievable how Addison looks like her big Brother.

She is a doll baby and you just tell her her Aunt Vonda is pulling for her re eating her Rice Cereal. In no time she'll be like her cousin Ella Rose and eating all kinds of exotic things like Indian food and sushi. Okay so maybe it will be more like chicken nuggets and pizza but she'll get the hang of it soon. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I have missed seeing your posts, Beth!!!

Bridgette said...

Yes, I second Vonda! She totally looks like H in that first picture!:)

Love the pic of her sucking her toes.

Janet said...

Oh...yes...those infamous first bites of cereal when they look up at us SO confused. It's amazing how soon she'll be gulping it down as if it were a favorite treat.

These are wonderful pictures!

Stephens Family News said...

Babies are so funny when they have their first spoonful of rice cereal! I love Addison's facial expressions.
Too cute! :o)

Heather said...

I LOVE the picture of Addison eating her foot!!

Katy said...

of course her toes taste better! she looks awfully big in that high chair - i can't believe it! tell her that if she'll just give it a good try, then mac & cheese isn't too far off!!!

Heather J said...

Are you kidding me - she's almost 6 months!!! Where does the time go!!!!