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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving in VA

Nanny & Addison

"Baby's First Thanksgiving"

Emma & Jackson



The Mullen's

Mandi & Ashlyn

Austin & Sheffield




The DeCastillia's

I can't believe I didn't get one picture of Harrison on Thanksgiving day! Oh my word! He was running around, having fun with his cousins so it was hard to keep up with everyone. Didn't get my dad, Anthony, or myself either! :) Oh well.

It was a GREAT time spent with family and yummy, yummy food! We are SO Thankful for our wonderful families. Both Anthony and I are blessed with wonderful parents and siblings and brother/sister-in-laws. Everyone loves each other and enjoys spending time together and not all families have what we have! We are BLESSED and SO THANKFUL!!! One sad note to the day is that my Granddaddy didn't make it over for Thanksgiving dinner. His medicine he takes for the Parkinson's makes him terribly sick and he just couldn't start feeling well enough to get together. We all hated that but completely understood. Anthony and I and the kids went over on Friday night for dinner and quality time with him and that helped to make up for it! ;)

On Thanksgiving night, my sisters always head off to their husband's side of the family so we decided we would go over and spend some time with our dear friends the Schrodts. David and Katy and their kids are so special to us and it was a wonderful time to just relax and catch up. The kids played so well together and we were able to get some real quality time in! Katy made her yummy taco meat and we did something VERY non-traditional for dinner. We ate tacos! They were delicious. You can catch up on her blog to see why they deviated from the traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving...don't worry they still had one, just not that night! The only sad thing is I have NO pictures to prove our perfectly, wonderful good time! What is up with me? I guess I was just having too much fun!

What a wonderful Thanksgiving it was and how thankful we are for the love and blessings of friends and family!


Katy said...

i lOVE that you make your sisters and their families sit still for you to take a family picture on thanksgiving! baylee always looks like a supermodel in her pictures, and the pic of emma and jackson is too cute!!! we LOVED having you here - and i sort of LIKED having tacos that night for dinner! :)

Linda Williams said...

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. It is such a special time spending time with family. Glad you all could go....But you will have to "pin" Harrison down next time to get some pictures!


Jen said...

What a fun filled couple of days. I know it is so wonderful to have all the cousins together! Your mom was remarking last night that Anna reminded her of Savannah and I can totally see it in these pictures. Cute kids all around!

Vonda said...

Awesome pictures. The one of Nanny and Addison is adorable and all of your nieces and nephews are absolutely beautiful children, Beth! I love Savannah's red glad you had a great time catching up with your family and spending some time with Katy (I spelled her name wrong in the last comment...yikes) and running with her too.

Bridgette said...

I love seeing pictures of the whole family! Thanks for indulging.:)