Reflections of a Mom's Life

Monday, November 17, 2008


last time brushing his teeth with his cast :)

clapping hands...the simple things in life!

Harrison got his cast off this morning! woooowhoooo! He was so excited and so was I! It's been a long 4 weeks! It really hasn't been all that bad but it will be so nice for him to have full use of both hands now! He did so well with his broken arm, I'm so proud of him. The last week and half he's been writing with his right hand...cast hand. He learned to do quite well with his left hand but figured out if he held his pencil at the right angle he could make his right hand work. It's amazing how comfortable they actually get! I can't say it slowed him down at all! :)

Most exciting part of all you may want to know....he's gonna get to have a LONG SOAKING bath tonight! That hand has been getting pretty nasty! :) I can't wait to get those fingers and finger nails scrubbed and cleaned. I've been obsessed with imagining what kinds of germs have been living on that hand and under that cast! YUCK!!!


Jen said...

Yeah Harrison - I know this was a fun day. Enjoy your freedom!

Janet said...

Yeah Harrison! Such a trooper you have been this whole month! Hope you are enjoying a nice, long bath. I KNOW that is making your Mommy very happy! :)

Katy said...

Just so you know, David thought it was gross to save his cast too! :) The picture of Harrison's eyes watching them cut it off is priceless!!! Anthony did GREAT!

Vonda said...

Ya know I just love it that y'all make everything an event too! Now I know this is one event you could have done without but Harrison made the best of it didn't he? I still wish he would have had people sign it but then I would have been bummed that I lived too far to autograph it myself.

So did you scrub him down last night??? Yea for healed bones and clean arms!

Austin said...

you are brave Harrison! now you can use that hand to do a lot!

Linda Williams said...

Yes, Harrison is a little trooper! Now he has had an experience that he can tell others about.....Just think, is made up of all kinds of experiences and you have now entered the world of "broken bones stories"! Ha.


dandsratz said...

YEAH!! I can't imagine 4 weeks with a hard cast like that!! Ugh. Beth, Harrison looks SO cute in these pictures....with his hair brushed to the side, he looks JUST like he did when we first met ya'll--he must have been around 2 or 3??? I still wish you were here to have a cup of coffee with me!! :) I hear that your baby girl is a little easier on you than mine is on me! he he!! :)

Katy said...

Love the new Christmas background! And the new christmas family picture with Addison as the gift! So cute! :)