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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The Norfolk Zoo

We went to the Zoo on Monday in VA with Katy and her kids. Harrison and Jackson love hanging out with Josiah and Jacob so it was a good time had by all! Here they are looking at a sleepy Tiger.

Mr. Camel

My one picture of Callie. She sort of got overlooked during picture taking time being as she isn't big enough to stand in front of the animals. She looked adorable as always!

The Giraffes - the boys tried to bend over without bending their knees to see how it would feel to have to eat like that. So cute, I think they are glad to have tables and chairs!

The Elephants were quite stinky but are always fun to see.

The Lion's were in this area and we finally saw the Daddy sleeping. Harrison was very insistent upon making sure we didn't miss the Lions!

I know, I'm a poser like my mother-in-law! I couldn't resist!

again, posing them! :) We didn't bother with any of the gardens. Boys just aren't much for gardens!

At the entrance/exit they have water fountains. Harrison, Jackson, & Jacob got SOAKED! They loved it. We just let them play and had fun watching them. Josiah decided to sit that one out. Probably a good choice b/c the other boys just had underwear to wear home! :)

Harrison IN the fountain

Jacob IN the fountain

We had fun, can you tell? Thanks Schrodt Family for taking us to the Zoo! We had a blast! :)


Jamie said...

We really need to take a trip to the zoo, it looks like so much fun. Looks like you guys had a great morning together!


I had no idea that Norfolk even had a zoo!! Guess we weren't there long enough to take in all the sites!! We can definitely relate to all your travelling and relocating. You could easily adjust to life as a military family with all your moves!! Sounds like you're enjoying life in NC. I worked in Pinehurst, NC back in 2001, so really enjoyed seeing your pics from your weekend getaway. It's such a unique place. Did you get a chance to eat at the Villager deli? I still have cravings for their salads!

Katy said...

We had so much fun - it was the perfect day for it!! Hilarious that you had the ONE picture of Callie too - although yours was better than mine!!!

Vonda said...

Beth, I have got to dig out the pixs I took of Harrison when he was only about 17 months old when I took him to the Norfolk Zoo and he played in the fountain. I remember thinking then how priceless those pixs were of him. The boys look like they're having such a great time. And you just wait Callie will be right there with them very soon. love ya -V