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Friday, October 26, 2007

ARUBA...One Happy Island

Our trip started out FANTASTIC! We were all upgraded to First Class on the flight from Newark to Aruba! We are pass riders so our children are not technically old enough to fly up front, you have to be eight (unless you are a paying passenger, of course). However, they were pretty booked in the back and the gate agent decided it wasn't worth her time trying to rearrange people so the kids could be seated with an adult so she just put us all up front! We were SHOCKED! I was worried at first. I didn't want the boys to be "bad" and for the flight attendants to be upset that we were up there but they were perfect! Jackson did well even though he didn't sleep a wink and Harrison entertained his Mimi with movies and coloring! :) It worked out great and we made it to start our Vacation! Yippee! :)
Here we are "illegally" seated! :)

Don't these boys look like the best little travelers! :)
This was our rental car! We packed it as full as we could and headed to the Resort. Anthony had to stay behind, but Papa came back and got him! Fun times! :) After we got in and settled, we took a walk around and then ate some take-out for dinner. We all got a good night's sleep to start our week at the beach!

The boys LOVE playing on the beach! They had a blast digging new things every day!
The water in Aruba is so beautiful and peaceful. There really aren't any waves so it makes it perfect for kids to just sit and play right at the edge of the water. Tons of kids! Aruba is a very family friendly vacation spot. We went when Harrison was 6 months old and our second visit was just as nice as the first! We LOVE Aruba!
Jackson thought these lights looked like microphones so he always wanted to stop and let out a quick tune before moving on.

Here the boys are at the water fall at one of the pools.
A quick dip in the hot tub!
We ate a quick lunch and then headed over to another pool with a Lazy River...MY FAVORITE!

We all loved the Lazy River and spent a lot of time there! So relaxing!


Heather said...

I'm so glad you guys had a great time! Let's hang out soon:)

Linda Williams said...

Oh......these pictures make me go back in my mind and remember so many priceless moments.....We are so blessed to be able to make memories like these.

And yes, that scream of yours WAS the loudest I have ever heard in my 62 years of living! I really did think someone was drowning. (Not that I could have done a thing about it if they had been...)
Only to realize that it had come from the next chaise over from mine. My own daughter-in-love almost gave her Mildew a heart attack!

Mimi and Papa

Linda Williams said...

Anthony-Your photo on the aircraft appears that they charged you too much for the seat. How much did you have to pay for that First Class seat? The food must have been not exactly what you ordered or was it that you were unhappy about being on the window instead of the aisle!!


Vonda said...

Oh these are such great pixs, Beth!!! I wish we could have been there. And you know we would have been there with bells on if we lived closer. Okay I've got to go back and look at the pixs again so I can really take it all in and pretend I'm soaking in the sun, feeling the cool breeze off the ocean and enjoying those wonderful nephews of mine. Oh they are just the best!!! Love ya -V

Vonda said...

Oh and one more thing...FIRST CLASS??? Oh my word...I remember the days I was so spoiled flying over the ocean with Continental in 1st Class...I tell Ian now jokingly, "Baby I never flew back in coach with the cows and chickens before I married you." And he says, "Baby, we're in the Air Force and they don't spend that kind of $$$ for you to fly in style." Oh well I would sit in coach a million times over to be with my man.

Adam and Nat said...

I'm a big fan of lazy rivers myself. However, it is that aqua color of the ocean that is so enticing too....

Anonymous said...

Wonderful Pitures!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom

Katy said...

First Class, huh? I don't remember hearing that part! I LOVE little Jackson with his microphone! He's got it in his blood!!!