Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Block Party

Our neighborhood always has something going on, probably 'cause it's new. I really hope we can keep it up, it's so fun getting to know our neighbors and watching the kids play. This party was last Thursday afternoon and we had a lot of fun...the kids had the most fun for sure! :)

our neighborhood is NOT lacking for kids...we LOVE that!!!

No, we don't have neighborhood stables! These guys were from down the street and were out for a ride, noticed all the kids and stopped to let us get a look at the horses. Harrison was SO excited!


Jamie said...

What a fun neighborhood! Sounds like you guys always have so much fun with your neighbors and it's so nice to have so many kids for the boys to play with.

Katy said...

Man - you lucked out with the horses! Did the street cleaner follow behind them? That's Jacob's favorite part!

Jen said...

Your neighborhood does the coolest things. We are really enjoying having neighbors and Erin especially loves having other kids to play with. It's great to be surrounded by other people your age, with kids the same ages.

Vonda said...

Oh my would think y'all live in the country for the horses to show up. That is awesome and it looks like y'all had a blast with your neighbors. -V