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Friday, October 26, 2007

Attacked by an Iguana!

No, these pictures are not actually of an Iguana attacking me. This is a little field trip we went on one of the days we were in Aruba where we got to feed the Iguana's. They are EVERYWHERE and they are protected in Aruba. They are supposed to be very friendly and and I'm sure that they are.

However, I had a much to close encounter with one. Mimi, Harrison, & I had decided to go and take a nap by the pool one afternoon while Jackson was asleep in the room with Anthony and Papa. Like I said, the Iguana's are walking around everywhere but we've seen that all week. I fall asleep on my stomach and all of a sudden I feel something on my bum. Yes, I turn to look and let out probably the biggest scream of my entire life. Mom jumped up from her peaceful nap thinking someone was drowning! The thing jumped off and ran away but needless to say, no more naps at that pool for me! Later, after our field trip towards the end of the week we learned that where I was trying to nap was also the pool where they did the feedings so the Iguana's are particularly plentiful and curious in that area! ahhh!

This Iguana, that I've zoomed in on is about the size and color of the one who jumped on me! He certainly wasn't a baby! yuck!


Heather said...

I would have died! Oh that really would have freaked me out!!!

Linda Williams said...

The one memory I will not easily forget is the "ideal lunch at the beach" that I had planned. I had tried a new recipe for Chicken Wings.....Papa and I took lugged all the things down to the pool. (Along with our alcohol free Pina Coladas that we had made) Only to see so many iguanas that Beth just could not get comfy. The fact that she was so antsy over those green things made the boys antsy over those green things so, among other things, the boys turned pina coladas over, chips fell on the ground, Anthony was "instructed" to "run those things off" and was not eating a thing.....So, off we all went, lunch in tow, back to our room to eat peacably. Needless to say, we did not try another poolside lunch after that!

Vonda said...

Oh I'm with Beth...once one Iguana jumps on your bum...that would be the last time an Iguana tried that. That would have scared me to death too...esp. when you are laying there getting your deep dark tan and you're just as relaxed as can be and then that happens. Yikes!!! -V

Katy said...

If only Mrs. williams had been awake - she could have captured the picture of an iguana on your butt for the rest of the world to laugh about on your blog!!! Too funny!