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Friday, February 6, 2009

standing up and 8 months old

look at this little stinker!

yeah, she knows it too!

I had to post this last one. See what this girl goes through every day of her little life! She's gonna be one tough cookie! She didn't even cry when this happened but clearly his finder is IN her eye!!! Jackson can't keep his little hands off of her. He just wants to touch her every moment of the day. He's gonna be in for shock when she hauls off and gets him good one of these days. His time is comin'! :)

Can you believe this girl is 8 months old? Can you believe she is trying to stand up???? OH MY WORD!!! She's a doll baby! She goes for another weight check next week so I'm anxious to know how she's doing. She's still a peanut but she is definitely getting bigger. I've really noticed her filling things out a bit more these past couple of weeks. She is such a sweet little thing!
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Laurel Conrod said...

Your kids are so cute! Wow...I'm cheering for Addison (being the youngest myself with 2 older brothers). Thanks for posting so much about your family, it's fun to keep up with you guys.

Linda Williams said...

Oh No! Did that photo shoot show it all! Jackson's finger right in her eye.....Oh well, it will make her easy going, right? Ha.

Still like looking at all the pictures in a book and not reading a bit of it cuz I cannot get this "pooter" to show me your comments....I can see everyone else's, just not yours.

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

His finger really is IN her eye. Good grief. Keep warning Jackson - his time is coming! My boys put Callie through the ringer when she was little, and look at her now!!!

Amanda said...

Oh my word! That picture of Addison with the finger in her eye is so funny! It looks like a day around here! glad we aren't the only ones!!

Vonda said...

Oh my word, Beth! Jackson's finger IS really in Addison's eye. She's gonna end up being one tough little cookie isn't she?