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Friday, February 20, 2009

an old married couple

I think Anthony and I have moved into the "old married couple" category.

Thursday, February 19, 2009, was our 9th Anniversary!

It's not the 9 years that was such a big deal, it was more how the day unfolded. I woke up at 6 in order to get everyone out of the house by 7:30am for a dentist appointment for Harrison. Anthony was laying there, peacefully sleeping. He's been SO exhausted from work lately. It crossed my mind to nudge him and wish him a Happy Anniversary but I decided to let him sleep. I knew how much he needed it. Once we were up and going, I was out the door in no time with all three kids dressed, fed, and ready to go. Anthony was coming out the door right behind us on his way to work. After I was on my way I realized we had both forgotten to wish each other a Happy Anniversary. I called him and we talked and both wanted each other to know we had not forgotten...just forgot to say it out loud. Sort of sad, isn't it.

No one called to wish us a Happy Anniversary until late afternoon. Not that it bothered us, please KNOW it did NOT bother us. I'm just trying to make my point of the whole old married couple thing. :)

Our big plans for the evening???? I bought a Rotisserie Chicken. Big stuff, I know! :) We are celebrating next weekend with a date out to my favorite restaurant...Maggiano's...and we RARELY celebrate on the actual 'day' anyway. Unless it's a weekend, it's so hard to do that once you have kids.

Plus, guess what else we did? We already had plans anyway. We had a nice fellow over and signed our refinance papers. Nothing says romance like the signing of financial documents! :)

Don't worry, the day was special to us. We know what precious meaning that day holds! It was the beginning of our future together and we have enjoyed these 9 years together so much! I am so blessed to be married to the man of my dreams and blessed to know that he loves me with all that is in him. I love him SO much. The Lord has been so good to us to give us to each other. I love my man!

We'll celebrate next weekend while Anthony's parents are in town and they'll watch the kids. Perfect. Oh, the other good news...he's been able to acquire some tickets for us to use this year for a trip away together. Once I'm finished nursing Addison we hope to get away...we're thinking Hawaii...wouldn't that be GREAT! :) I can't wait! I'll keep you posted on that one.

Happy Anniversary Anthony! These have been the best 9 years of my life and I wouldn't want to be in an old married couple relationship with anyone else but YOU! I love you!


Heather said... I'm jealous!! I wanted to go there this year for our 10th but I think what we're doing in Korea will be worth it:)!! I don't think we've ever been called on our anniversary(not that it's a big deal)...but that's so sweet that people call you!! Happy Anniversary Friend!!

Jen said...

Yep - think that qualifies as an old married couple! I think Hawaii would be an excellent choice, what I wouldn't give to spend a week out there right now. Hope your celebration is fantastic when Mimi is in town - I know the kids can't wait.

Janet said...

Oh my have graduated to the 'old married couple academy'. So glad you can join us all. :) Congratulations on 9 years!

The Comers said...

So if you 2 are an old married couple what would Mark and I be? We've been married twice as long! We're ancient! Happy 9th Anniversary!

dandsratz said...

Beth, this is what I love about you! You are so real, and honest, and humble in the BEST way!! This is so life--and where we all are!! I hope ya'll have the BEST anniversary celebration next weekend!! Do you know for our 5th, we had literally just had Alexander (less than 6 weeks), and our 10th, we had JUST had Maddie (less than 6 weeks), so we are STILL waiting to celebrate them both with some grand trip after we get wiened!! We say the same thing all the doesn't matter that we celebrate on the exact day....just that we will eventually celebrate, and we know that day that our love is perfect for what it is that day!! :) Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!! P.S. Madie has had a fever for two days, green gope out of the nose AND FOUR top teeth in the last weeks....loving life here!!!! Ha!! Poor baby girl!! :(

Heather J said...

Congratulations!! Isn't time FLYING by!!!!

Vonda said...

Wow it seems like yesterday!!! So happy my brother married you Beth! You are an awesome Wife and Mama too and the best Sister anyone could ever have and I'm so glad you're family!!!