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Friday, February 6, 2009

and this is it

Here is my ONE picture from our weekend watching the Schrodt kids. Terrible isn't it. Only one picture! I think we were so busy that I just didn't even have a thought to take a picture. At least I got one, right? :)

Meal times were funny. I had an assembly line going and Anthony would pass out the plates. It really was a GREAT weekend. Friday night we ate dinner and played, got ready for bed and had a Wii competition. Saturday morning Harrison had his Upward game so we all headed over there and then after we got home and had lunch I left for my 10 mile run. Anthony watched all the kids while I was running for 2 hours. Isn't he amazing! He was so supportive of me keeping on track with my training. After I got home Anthony took the kids int he of their very favorite things to do here in NC. That night we had dinner and baths and got in bed early because of church the next morning. Sunday we went to church, had lunch at Sonic...interesting ordering for that many people. I didn't realize Callie didn't have a meal until all the food was given out and there she was sitting there looking like "hey, what about me?" :) Don't worry, we got her something. The kids played outside, Anthony went for his run and then they had another trip in the woods all before David and Katy arrived. Callie missed her parents a little bit. Every once in a while she would cry and look around the house for them to see if they were hiding from her. Then she would be fine. When they walked in she looked at them and burst in to tears as if to say "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!! I've been looking for you EVERYWHERE!" She was a cutie and really did fine the entire time. She and Addison were little buds.

We love those kids so much so and we couldn't have been happier for them to come and spend the weekend. I'm glad they feel so comfortable with us. Everyone played well and slept well (well my boys were up early every day b/c they were so least they didn't wake any of their friends up). I think the hardest part was just getting where we needed to go. That's a lot of people to get ready for church! :)

Thanks David and Katy for trusting us with your precious kids. They were a joy and we're so glad we could help out! :)
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Jen said...

I love the part about Callie not having a meal. Can you imagine feeding 6 little mouths everyday? I'm sure one would always get left out. You are very brave to cart them everywhere like that. I know Katy so much appreciated your help!

Laurel Conrod said...

Good job doing 10 miles! Whew, and watching 6 kids all weekend, which was more of a workout?

Linda Williams said...

Wow, that was a BUNCH of kids! I could not believe how much Harrison looks like Anthony in that picture. He looked so grown up there with all the little ones!

Mimi & Papa

Katy said...

What a weekend it was for everyone! I just can't thank you enough for taking such good care of our kids for us - they had SUCH an amazing time. I was so relieved to hear that Callie was sweet to Addison - she was definitely told to use gentle hands! My boys had the best time - they are still talking about the walks in the woods and how the bears are still sleeping so they can go in there. You guys are the BEST!

Vonda said...

BRAVE! I know you enjoyed Katy's kids and I know Harrison and Jackson enjoyed having their buddies there too. And yes I can just imagine how crazy it must be trying to feed that many mouths at one time. Oh my word!