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Friday, February 20, 2009

new favorite spot

Addison's new favorite spot is under the coffee table. It's so cute! She heads straight there once she on the floor. She likes to crawl completely through and plop over on the other side.

I love watching her. I layed on her floor for about 20 minutes today while she played and tried to pull herself at the edge of the crib.

One thing I've learned the third time around...WATCH more.

I'm trying to take it all in...her expressions, her movements, her sounds...everything about her is so precious. I'm trying to watch the boys more too. Everything about them. I find myself reflecting more these days and while all of my day is not enjoyable, I'm trying to ENJOY these precious little ones in my life!

Try it! Try watching your little ones...quietly take in their every move. It's time well spent, I promise! :)
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Sherri said...

Or you could video tape them and watch in high speed as in this video:

Janet said...

You always have a way of putting 'parenting' in perspective and I so appreciate the gentle reminder and nudge to just soak up this time. It IS so precious and what a blessing to be called, of God, to this wonderful journey of motherhood.

Linda Williams said...

Well, now I am having trouble getting this "compooter" to even accept my message to you....We will see if it does.

Could not see pictures of your run nor any pictures of your anniversary! Boo Hoo!

Mom W.

Vonda said...

Oh yes Beth it is so important to watch these precious babies of ours isn't it? Time is going by so fast and I just know I'll look back and wish I would have taken more of it in.

Katy said...

it's so true, isn't it? I'm not surprised at all that she loves her little tunnel of a coffee table - it's made JUST for her! :)