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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday at the Schrodt's

The Schrodt's have a FUN tire swing in the back yard!  Sunday morning, David, Katy & Kids had to get up and get out really early becasue of responsibilties at church.  We stayed back and went to the second service so it gave us some extra time that morning for some swinging and pictures!

 Sunday afternoon we took it easy.  Ate a yummy chicken taco lunch, the big boys went to the pool with the daddies, the girls played with toys, Caleb took a nap, and Katy, Princess and I took some time out on the couch to talk and catch up!  Perfect Sunday Afternoon.  That night we went to The Mellow Mushroom for dinner.  It was super yummy!  Love the look on the faces of the servers when you say "party of 11".  The adults were definitely outnumbered. :)
 Afterwards, we headed back home for some ice cream.

 sweet little girl friends!

 love seeing these boys grow up!
love this girl!  she is so precious to me!  thankful.

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Katy said...

how is this the ONE picture we have of the two of us????