Reflections of a Mom's Life

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Birthday Giftcard

 Harrison got a Target giftcard in the mail from Aunt Janet and Uncle Neal a few weeks.  He had already been planning what he would purchase because he knew that the giftcard was on it's way.  Daddy took him to Target to spend his money and he got exactly what he went for...a door alarm.  Grant has one of these and Harrison thought it was so cool he wanted to get one for himself.  Every little boy would like to have an alarm on their bedroom door to keep the intruders...AKA Jackson and Addison out, right???  :)  It makes a loud siren noise if it's opened without the key.  Pretty fun toy. 

What we didn't expect was for Harrison to spend the majority of his giftcard on his brother and sister.  While he was shopping he felt a strong desire to use his money to buy gifts for Jackson and Addison and he was SO excited to pass them out when he got home.  I always love when you see these signs of choosing others before self.  He got a lot of joy out of sharing with them and I hope he will always remember it is better to give than to receive.  Jackson loved his new beyblade and Addison loved her coloring book.  He also got a movie for the whole family...Enchanted.   Such a sweet boy!


Katy said...

SO great that you captured it - a good reminder for Harrison to see how THRILLED he made his brother and sister. And oh my - a door alarm? that is hilarious!! dont tell my boys about that gift!!!

Waseem said...

you did it right...Do you want to use Custom gift card for such occasion.