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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012 at the SC Zoo

I was surprised how close you could get to the Giraffe's!  I thought for sure Addison would be freaked out but she wasn't.  She even fed them. :) 

 something new at the Zoo was a ropes course.  the Schrodt boys had tried it once before.  Harrison was excited to try it and Jackson was bummed about his boot because they wouldn't let him try.

 Harrison got very nervous once he was up there.  The other boys said their first time on the course was hard too.  It's very high up there and as much as they tell you that you won't fall it's a bit scary.  He did a great job and felt like he would be able to handle it better the next time he comes. :)
 SEE!!!!  it's high up there!

 Caleb is the most adorable little guy!  So easy going!
 Callie was on the ropes course with her Daddy.  So Anthony made up for her absence in the next picture.  He is too much! :)

Ms. Katy took the kids on the Carousel!

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