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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Jackson's 7th Birthday Party

We celebrated Jackson's 7th Birthday at North Hills Park in Raleigh on Saturday, May 5th.  It was a busy spring and this was the first available weekend to celebrate Jackson!  What fun we had!  He wanted a LEGO themed party and Andrea really came thru on the cake.  She is very talented and I'm thankful she's right out my back door! :)  I made the cakes and then she came over Friday night to assemble and ice the cake.  He LOVED it!  It was a BIG cake too!

 we had hotdogs, chips, watermelon, and cookies for lunch!
 my big 7 year old boy!
 this is a great little park.  we were able to reserve the picnic shelter for a minimal fee and it's right next to a playground that is perfectly situated.  the kids can play but they are so close that you never feel like you are too far from anyone.

 Jackson could live on fruit!  seriously!

 Happy Birthday Jackson!
 Jackson and Josh, his friend from soccer and church.  These boys are two of a kind!  Hilarious to watch together and both are full of life and FUN!!! 

 Jackson & Taylor

 Jackson with Kellen, Addie, & Ellary
 Camden, Mila, Jackson, & Josiah...Bella was with Addison in the sandbox. 
 Jackson & Caden, Caroline & Carter were in the sandbox too!

Cailey, Braden & Kinsey were at a choir practice so they couldn't be there but Ephram came to celebrate with us!  He was in the sandbox too!  That's where all the littles spend most of their time.  Aidan, Riley, & Duncan had to leave early before I could get a pictur of them with Jackson. 
What a FUN afternoon, celebrating Jackson!  He was happy to get home to work on all of his LEGO's.  He was so cute and said, "mom, you like me playing LEGO's right?  LEGO's make me calm".  HAHA...He is awfully quiet when he's working so I guess they do make him calm.  We love you Jackson Reed Williams!  You are such a fun part of our family and we are so thankful we get to love on you and be your parents! :)

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Katy said...

welcome to the lego world, jackson :)