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Sunday, June 22, 2008

First Bath - Father's Day June 15, 2008

Addison's First Bath

personalized towel from Uncle Ian, Aunt Vonda, & Ella Rose

i sure do LOVE the smell of a freshly bathed and lotioned baby!!! it took two weeks and 1 day for her cord to fall off so i was very anxious to get her nice and clean! she's quite the sleepy head anyway but after that nice warm bath and all the fuss about it, she REALLY was ready for a nice long nap! her mamaw - my mom - was here for her first bath and was able to capture these great pictures! :)
our girl is doing such a great job! 5 hours at night and would seriously do more if i could only let her. can't wait for her 5 week birthday so i can let her see how long she'd really like to go! amazing! i have heard this about third babies and about girls so i'm happy to say she's started out quite well and we just couldn't be happier! :)


Katie B said...

My girls were all fabulous sleepers. Bianca slept through the first time at 8 weeks and has never looked back. The twins had a rough spot b/t weeks 3-8 but have really been fab since about 12 weeks. I enjoy my good sleepers! I know you will too...
Great pics from the bath. I still don't like to be in pictures, you are great at being in front of the camera!

Caitlin L said...

oh beth, you look amazing! And of course, she is perfect!

Jen said...

Gotta love those girl sleepers! She looks so cute all bundled up in her towel!