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Monday, June 9, 2008

coming home

Addison was clearly dressed up for her departure from the hospital!!! Her Mommom in TN (my dad's mom) gave her the dress and shoes and Aunt Linda (Anthony's Aunt on his father's side) gave her the bonnet. The bonnet is special because it is made from a handkerchief and is a keepsake for Addison. When she gets married, we will remove a stitch from the bonnet and it will become a handkerchief again and she can carry it on her wedding day. Everything Addison is wearing has very special meaning and came from very special people in her life! It was so fun to get her all dressed up in these beautiful things that have been waiting for her!!! :)

Our "new" family of FIVE!

and we're off...

Addison with her Papaw - my dad

Addison with her Mamaw - my mom

I don't know what these two we're laughing about but it was clearly VERY funny! :)

When we arrived home from the hospital, we had a BEAUTIFUL fruit bouquet waiting for us! David and Katy sent it and it was very well received. When Jackson was born, Katy brought over a Pineapple that we devoured quite quickly and Anthony was reminiscing about it. Low and behold, when we got home more pineapple AND strawberries too! yum yum :) Thanks David and Katy!!! :)
It was a wonderful day bringing Addison home. The boys were so excited that we were finally at home with them. Mimi & Papa took excellent care of them and brought them up to see us at the hospital twice a day. :) My mom and dad drove up from VA for the day to meet their new granddaughter. I wish they could have stayed longer but they had to get back for work. My mom will be back Father's Day and stay for a few days with us. :) It's good to be home and I can't explain it but our family feels so complete now that Addison is here. Already, life would not be the same any other way. God has blessed us with the most perfect little blessings - Harrison, Jackson, and now Addison. We feel so incredibly blessed!!!


Heather said...

She is precious! What a special thing that bonnett/ hankie is! Ive never seen anything like that. I hope you are doing well.

Sheila said...

What a wonderful day that was! So glad to be a part of it!!!!!!!!!!!
Love, Mom

Natalie said...

What a gorgeous dress and love the special is that?!?!?!

Heather said...

She is going to love the bonnet story when she is sweet! I must say I giggled at how bundled she was in the car seat thinking that it's now so HOT!

Vonda said...

Oh Beth, Addison is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I LOVE the outfit!!! And how awesome is that that the dress came from Addison's Great Grandmother and the bonnet from her Great Aunt. That will be something so special to put in a shadow box one day so she can have it for her own baby girl. So glad your folks were able to come in...I know they must have been so tickled to meet their 8th grandchild.

Katy said...

Oh Beth - I love these coming home pictures!!! Addison looked absolutely beautiful - like a little doll!!! I know how special it is to have all these things with such meaning behind them. I'm so glad the fruit arrangement got there right when you got hom- you know it just killed me that I couldn't bring it myself! :(

Bridgette said...

Beth! You look great as you were leaving the hospital! The bonnet idea is awesome; I've never heard of it. You'll have to tell me how you did that. So glad you have your family that's able to come and help you with Addison. What a doll.:) And your hydrangea looks great.:) I LOVE them also.

Jen said...

How special - she's already such a little lady, dressed to a T. You are going to have so much fun, "playing baby doll" as Joe calls it.