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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Aunt Janet comes to town

Aunt Janet and Sarah came to meet little Addison Grace on Monday, June 9th. It was a short visit in that they had to go back home on Tuesday night but we were happy to take any time they could give us! Janet was so sweet to cook and help around the house. We can't wait to get all the cousins together to meet their newest addition to the group. :) I know the boys would have really enjoyed seeing Austin, Grant, & Emma so hopefully they'll be able to come next time! I think Janet wanted the baby all to herself and can I really blame her??? :)

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Vonda said...

You've definitely got a sleepy head on your hands...c'mon Addison wake up and let your Aunt Vonda see your eyes. :) I know you must have thoroughly enjoyed your visit with Janet and Sarah has really grown up...she is so beautiful and Janet looks as great as ever too!