Reflections of a Mom's Life

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

kick, baby, kick!

this little girl is letting herself be known these days. she started out slow and then sortof was a roller up until now....which was very strange b/c the boys were kickers for sure!

now, she's a kicker. i'm convinced she's feet down. all the kicking is low and often directly on my bladder, which can make things very interesting and uncomfortable! :) let's pray she turns and gets in the right position like a good little girl!!!

with all the things there are to really dislike about pregnancy, this is the part that makes it all worth it to me. i love knowing she's in there, moving around, and reminding me that she's getting bigger and will be here with us soon!

i love you and can't wait to meet you Addison!!!!


Natalie said...

Oh, I remember those kicking days. I used to love feeling those kicks, that is until they hit the ribs:)

Anonymous said...

I remember those days too...In fact I believe you were the one doing the kicking!
Love, Mom

Vonda said...

Oh Addison is just showing you that she's gonna be every bit as ACTIVE as those boys of yours. Watch out...these girls can fool you but they sure can have some energy too. And she's gonna have to keep up with Harrison & Jackson so I'm sure she's gonna be quite the active one. -V

Linda Williams said...

What a blessing to feel the movement of your baby girl....Just to realize that she is healthy and active and anxious to "come on down"!

But no more anxious than we all are to meet this little precious angel straight from Heaven.

I just cannot wait to see her "sitting in the corner looking pretty"!

Mimi and Papa

Katy said...

It's always the movements and kicks that I loved too - so much so that I missed it once they were born!! Strange, I know!