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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Happy Valentine's Day! We started off our day with heart pancakes, a tradition in the Williams' home, and a new favorite - PINK milk! :) The boys were very excited about their special breakfast! Anthony brought home beautiful red roses last night, so our Valentine's Day has gotten off to a GREAT start!

Harrison had to make Valentine's for his classmates at school. Let me clarify, he didn't HAVE to make them but he would hear of nothing else. He wanted all the girls to have a Jessie Valentine and the boys to have a Woody Valentine personally colored by him. It was so cute to see him coloring each picture. He had to make 20 which was a lot for him. I helped by writing on the cards and he just signed his name. He put a "kiss" on each one. He was so proud and I was so proud of him. It was SO sweet that he wanted his Valentine's to have a personal touch and that he wanted to do something nice for each of this classmates. I can't wait to hear about his BIG party day! He's been talking ALL WEEK about who is bringing what and how much fun it's going to be! What a fun day for him! :)


Jen said...

How sweet - a personally made card is always special.

Natalie said...

HOw sweet. The pancakes look yummy:)

Andy & Jen said...

Girl you are too much. We'll be over for breakfast next Valentine's Day.

Linda Williams said...

Now, my boy Harrison has got to have the sweetest little disposition! How sweet it is that he likes all his classmates and wanted to do something special for them all. You have a husband in the making there, you know that....don't you?


Linda Williams said...

Heart Pancakes......Do I not have the most ambitious little daughter-in-love!

I am impressed. You can ask Anthony....He never had Heart Pancakes!


Katy said...

You had it together, didn't you? We stole the pink milk idea - I love these traditions, don't you? And what a thoughtful boy Harrison is! I'm sure everyone LOVEd the valentines! :)

Vonda said...

Okay I'm going to start this Heart pancake tradition next year. Ella Rose just ate her first waffles over the weekend and she liked them of course so that's a must!!! And Harrison is so precious...what a great little man wanting to make all of his little classmates Valentine's.