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Monday, February 11, 2008

pulled one again!

Harrison pulled his SECOND tooth yesterday in the van...on the way home from church. he is hilarious! he waited until it was VERY loose. i asked him to wait until we got home so i could get a picture of him in action but, NO, he had his own plans! ;) can't believe he's lost two teeth now - the other bottom front one! his "big" tooth is already coming in on the other side!

i just remember losing teeth being such an biggie for him! maybe it's a boy thing??? i wouldn't know!


Linda Williams said...

I tell you folks.....He is gonna be a Dentist! He loves pulling those teeth! I don't remember Anthony being into pulling his own teeth.

Mimi and Papa

Andy & Jen said...

Their entire look changes once those adult teeth start coming in. When Alex has one that is close to coming out, I make him eat an apple to see if that will knock it out for him.

Vonda said...

Wow look at just seems like yesterday that he was just getting his teeth as a baby! He is growing up way too fast! -V

Katy said...

Love these big mouth pictures!! I can't believe he thwarted your plans again for the pictures (he he), but whatever works! I also am amazed at how fast his new tooth is already coming!!!

dandsratz said...

I cannot imagine this part of life--it completely grossed me out as a child--I think I'm still scarred from it, and to have to see my own kids....OUCH!!!! GOOO Harrison!! I'm SOOO proud of you buddy!!! :)

Jamie said...

he just looks so proud of that new gap in his teeth! what a big boy he is becoming!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine pulling ones teeth until they are simply hanging...I agree with Linda--He may be a dentist in the making.
Love, Mom