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Monday, May 31, 2010

She's 2!!!

It's a BIG day here at the Williams' house!!!

Addison is TWO!!!

We have a low key day planned and hope to ENJOY our sweet baby girl this Memorial Day!!! We knew this little girl would fit in perfectly as we waited "oh so patiently" (ha ha) for her to arrive! Never could we have possibly known what joy she would bring to our lives! She is full of life and turning out to be quite the little ham! Her personality is completely irresistible and she loves everyone she meets! She's tough...her brothers have helped her to become so. :) She is FUN. She is always smiling, waving, saying hi, and laughing. We just can't get enough of this little girl!

Krispy Kreme's!!!

the boys are showering her with lots of love and affection...more than she's really in the mood for too! :)

our "miss priss" as Harrison likes to call her. to say this girl is a girly girl is kind of an understatement! this sweetie LOVES to accessorize and play and BE all things girly. :) very fun! (thanks for my new purse Ms. Heather and for my jewelry and shoes Ms. Andrea!)

and thanks for my pretty new dress Aunt Vonda, Uncle Ian, Ella Rose, & Carolina Grace!!! It's very "me". :)

taking a ride in the play stroller

she loves to buckle,,,over, over, and over again!

serious concentration

we love you SO much Addison!!!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! :) it's gonna be a FUN day!!!!


the wiedmaiers said...

hard to believe that both of our little girls are two!

i hate to tell you this... the house that we used to live in that your grandfather built with the beautiful magnolia tree... i know you know the one... they took ALL the trees down to put in a pool. i loved the smell of those magnolia flowers!

Sherri said...

Happy Birthday to Addison! LOVE her outfit. Looks like she found herself a doll stroller. Let me know if she needs another.

Katy said...

she looks absolutely adorable in her complete outfit! Can't WAIT to see her next week - she and Callie are going to be a MESS together! :)

Linda Williams said...

What a little sweetie! I loved the picture of her sitting outside on the lawn furniture!