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Monday, May 17, 2010

Harrison's 8 year old Birthday trip to Florida!

I think he was pretty excited to finally be back at Mimi & Papa's house! Sure wish we could go more often...

now, I didn't really like seeing THESE pictures. PROOF...that little alligators are alive and well in the very ponds and lakes that are ever so abundant in FL. yikes.

our favorite dessert at Toojay's - chocolate cake with a cheesecake middle! YUMMY!

Harrison has found a new love of cars so he really enjoyed the old cars show they had down at the Square.

One of the boys FAVORITE things when they are in FL is helping in Mimi and Papa's 4 year old Sunday School class. Mimi and Papa make them feel SO special! Harrison had been practicing some songs to sing and I just think it is the sweetest that he is getting to see how it feels to help in a class and be an example to younger kids.

Mimi and Papa bought a bike to keep down at their house so all the grandkids can have a turn with it when they are visiting. This was they can take the training wheels off for the kids want them off and keep them on for the kids who still want the help.

Harrison's favorite thing is to spend the day at the pool...jumping...

and jumping...

and jumping...

and more jumping...

and more jumping...

you get the picture. :)

a little golf

another stop at Toojay's! sure wish they could have brought me a piece!

bowling! he's just like his daddy...lovin' it when he's winning! :)

and Papa is the SAME way!

more jumping!

they wore him out!

He had such a good time and he's already talking about next year! love my little planner!


Janet said...

Looks like an awesome-fun time was had!! Looks like they all partied every single minute!! Love it! That alligator things gets me too. Once we were on the bike trail at Hilton Head going over a little creek and someone said: "look, there's an alligator!" 'bout made me go off the trail into the water. Yeah...that would have helped my anxiety even more. :)

Glad to see Harrison had a wonderful b-day celebration!

Katy said...

he totally had so much fun, didn't he! the golfing picturse are the best - he looks like a little man out there! :)